Devices used for heating herbs, and sometimes oils and concentrates, so that they release their flavour and active ingredients in delicious steam-like clouds. We only sell the highest quality vaporizers, both portable and home units, all dispatched from within the UK.

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The clean-air lighter powered portable vaporizer. Pure vapour instantly, anywhere.


The all-glass lighter powered portable vaporizer. Pure, full flavoured vapour instantly, anywhere.


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The ultimate portable smoking tool for oils and concentrates.

The All-Glass Portable Vaporizer for Herbs and Oils.

A sleek, stylish, and versatile pen-sized portable vaporizer.


The world's first forced air portable... and it looks like an asthma inhaler!


The world's best selling, most versatile home vaporizer.


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The digital, simple-to-use home vaporizer with controllable air pump.


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The versatile, simple and super-efficient home vaporizer.


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New and improved: the purest, smoothest vaporization experience known to man.


The World's Finest Portable Vaporizer.


The world's bestselling and most reliable portable vaporizer. 


The fastest and smallest portable vaporizer on the market, with a heat-up time under 15 seconds!


The ultimate festival and camping vaporizer! sleek, slim and totally portable.


The new, upgraded, super-reliable portable vaporizer from the makers of the IOLITE.



The new handheld vaporizer from the makers of the Volcano!


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The Rolls-Royce of Vaporizers: Built to last and incredibly efficient.

The Lamborghini of Vaporizers! The Best Vaporizer Money Can Buy!

The sneaky, stealthy, fast one-hitter vaporizer.


The small, stealthy and fast portable vaporizer.